Welcome to PSVR Reviews!

The future is finally here!

I should start by saying that I’ve been waiting patiently for a virtual reality headset of my own since I was a child, way back in 1980’s. I’d been waiting so long I’d almost given up hope. The Oculus and Vive looked great, but I had neither the PC, nor the money to purchase one.

Then along comes Sony and the Playstation VR. I was quietly optimistic. Could this be it? Could this finally be it?

Yeah. It is. I hadn’t had the opportunity to test out the headset – I’d still never even tried VR – but I’d waited so long I pre-ordered as soon as I could, and kept the pre-order even when those around me started losing their nerve. Nothing could have prepared me for just how amazing it is, sliding on the headset and stepping into other worlds.

But when I stepped back out again I realised that there are very few reviews for PSVR games. Sure there are demos for some of the launch titles and most are great but some are offensively short (I’m looking at you EVE: Valkyrie) and due to a lot of the games being pretty expensive for their length, short demos aren’t enough to gauge whether a full purchase is warranted. There are a few forum posts here and there with short impressions and whether or not the game made them feel nauseated or not but there are very few in-depth reviews.

So that’s where myself and this blog come in. I’ve been so enamoured with PSVR I’ve purchased almost all of the games released so far and as I’m already a writer (of web series and novels) I thought I may as well take the lead and pave the way. I’m based in the UK and can currently only obtain the games as they are released here but I will endeavour to write and release reviews as quickly as I can, as well as review the games that have already been released. I’m also not purchasing a PS4PRO until next year, so all of these reviews are of my experiences playing on the regular PS4.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can also find me on Twitter: @psvrreviews




5 thoughts on “Welcome to PSVR Reviews!

  1. I too have waited for a true VR experience. Sony had proved they can provide. I think your reviews have been spot on in my opionion. Keep up the good work! I typically try to read reviews before shelling out the cash for games and you have helped me save money. I am hopeing people really try VR so it can continue to improve. I’m pushing this new platform on all I can. It’s that good! Thanks for your blogs.


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