Developer: CCP
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £7.99
Nausea: None
Controllers: DS4 Only

A cheap title that whilst fun initially,  won’t keep your attention for long. 

I picked up Gunjack on launch day as I was hungry for as many VR experiences as I could find, and it occupied my time whilst I waited for something else to download. I haven’t gone back since.

It’s not that Gunjack is bad. It’s just incredibly basic and shallow.

You take control of a gun turret attached to a large space freighter and your only task is to eliminate incoming waves of enemy ships before they can shoot you. There are several variations, the majority of which die in one hit, others will be bigger and take slightly longer to kill. There are boss battles but by the time they come around you’re already bored.  It feels a bit like VR ‘Space Invaders’ but actually just makes you yearn for a real version of VR ‘Space Invaders.’

The early levels are insanely easy but just like the boss battles, by the time the real challenge comes you don’t care anymore and have already thought about quitting. There are bonus rounds in which you have to shoot down asteroids before they hit you but they’re more of a temporary distraction than a highlight.

There are upgrades for your turret, one such enhancement being a temporary overly-powerful laser, which I must admit is very satisfying to use. The reload speed of the turret is slow which I suspect is to make the player really think about when to reload, and add some semblance of difficulty.

The visuals work well enough, nothing is too blurry. But the combination of static background and fast movement speed of your turret feels off.

Although Gunjack is cheap, it’s not cheap enough for what you get.

Verdict: 5/10 – Wait for a sale.



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