Carnival Games VR

Carnival Games VR
Developer: 2K
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £15.99
Nausea: None/Limited
Controllers: Two Move Controllers Only

A collection of mini-games that appear entertaining enough at first but don’t hold your attention for long. 

Carnival Games VR saves you the trouble of going out to a real carnival and allows you to play without having to part with £5 each time you want a try. But what you end up realising is, you’re not really that bothered after all.

There are twelve min-games here, some that’d you expect like the Ring Toss and Bottle Smash and then some unexpected ones, such as a surprisingly fun Ghost Train and Wall-Climb. The Ghost Train sees you being led through a house of horrors via cart whilst various ghoulish creatures and ghosts will jump out at you and. Using two move controllers as guns, it’s your task to shoot as many of them as you can. It’s a cartoony and less frightening version of an ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ level. In the Wall-Climb level you use both move controls to climb up, you guessed it, walls, but also chains and along ropes all in an attempt to get to the top of a castle in the fastest time. It’s great fun for a while but as the level is the same every time it can get old quickly.

There is a hub world with four different themed zones to choose from. Each of these four zones contains three mini-games, one of which always need to be unlocked by collecting enough tickets from playing. There are also hundreds of collectibles to unlock, which can then be arranged and playing with in the ‘Play Room.’ I highly doubt most people will have the patience to unlock them all. Some items want 999 tickets to unlock and the most you can win from a mini-game is 25.

This game would be perfect for children, with the simple gameplay and cartoony art-style, but the PSVR isn’t intended for kids under twelve. It could also make a good party game, as the trailer implies, but it gets a bit tiring putting the headset on, making sure everything is sharp, playing a short game and passing it on for somebody to go through it all that themselves – and including alcohol is a sure-fire way to a broken headset.

The tracking on the Move Controllers works well for the most part. However, there is a dart throwing mini-game and, like the darts in ‘Sports Bar VR,’ it’s tricky to get it to work. The Ring Toss tracking is near perfect and as simple as the gameplay was I found myself coming back to this one more than any of the others.

The Ring Toss is my personal favourite.

There are online leaderboards but you can only ever see the three top scores for each game, so unless you’re incredibly good at the mini-games you’re never going to get on them.

My biggest grievance is the owner of the park who leads you around and insists on narrating your every move. I had at one point thought I’d turned off his voice in the options menu, but after five minutes he was throwing out his, very limited, one-liners. Why developers still insist on doing this I have no idea.

There’s a mini-game here everyone will enjoy, the issue is for how long. It’s hard to suggest the game should be cheaper as the games work and it looks good in VR, but it just won’t hold most peoples attention.

Verdict: 6/10 – Wait for a sale.



One thought on “Carnival Games VR

  1. Found this to be a game I come back to. The Climbing is really fun/frustrating haha. A great game when you have a friend over. Getting on the leaderboards isn’t that tough they reset every week.


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