Pinball FX2 VR

Pinball FX2 VR
Developer: Zen Studios
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £11.99
Nausea: None/Limited
Controllers: DS4 Only

From the makers of Zen Pinball comes Pinball FX2 and all the tables you know and love, back in deliciously immersive VR – if you don’t mind forking out for the tables all over again.

I’ve always loved pinball but I don’t have the money nor the room for any actual pinball tables in my own home. The Zen Pinball franchise has been a great way to get my pinball fix from the comfort of my sofa. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard they were releasing a VR version. Is it everything I’d hoped it’d be? Yes and no.

For starters, the hub from which you select the table you wish to play, check high scores and trophies and organise which pinball tables are in the room, (you can have three on show at once) is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a beautifully designed and graphically exquisite. I really wanted to go exploring but unfortunately you can’t really move around – you look at the menu/table you want to select and do so from a distance. You do move around the ground floor but you teleport instantly.

There are only three tables available to you with the base game: Epic Quest, Secrets of the Deep and Mars. Whilst all these tables are fun, I’ve already played them to death and bought them several times over several different platforms. This was my choice of course, and I understand that extra work went into getting these tables into VR, but it’d would’ve been appreciated to have been given a slight discount. If you want to play The Walking Dead table (currently unavailable in the UK) you’ll have to buy it separately. And if you want CastleStorm, Wild West Rampage, BioLab, Paranormal, and Earth Defence you’ll have to purchase the Season 1 pack for a whopping £19.99.

Graphically the room in which you play is brilliant – the tables on the other hand are not quite so great. It’s not Zen Studio’s fault, but more the limitations of the hardware, but nonetheless it is quite jarring to go from beautifully looking 2D tables in Zen Pinball to pixelated VR ones here. If you haven’t played a previous instalment this may not bother you as much.

The room in which your tables are situated is absolutely gorgeous.

The main room changes depending on which table you’re playing. If you’re under the ocean in Secrets of the Deep the room fills with water. If you’re off adventuring in Epic Quest, the hero will ride his horse round the table as you play.

I did find that the tables were positioned far too low for comfort – it wasn’t long before I got neck-ache. Luckily you can adjust the view by leaning forward/standing up and pressing square.

If you haven’t played a Zen Pinball title before then you’re in for a treat. Epic Quest is my personal favourite of the bunch. You play as a stalwart, yet feeble warrior on a quest to save the princess. Throughout the course of your run you battle skeletons, bats, brave the forest and attempt to cast magic spells. After you successfully defeat monsters – by shooting the balls up specific ramps – you can obtain and equip loot which persists from game to game, even after you lose. Mars and Secrets of the Deep are also fun; you’re not given a dud table with the base game.

It was quite jarring to go from the beautiful looking 2D tables in Zen Pinball, to the pixelated VR versions.

If you’re a Zen Pinball addict like myself then Pinball FX2 VR is a no brainer, but expect to pay through the nose for tables you already own and have played to death. If you’re new to the franchise then this is the perfect time to jump in; playing pinball in VR is the best way to play.

Verdict: 7/10 – Might not be worth it if you’ve already played these tables to death.



One thought on “Pinball FX2 VR

  1. That’s a funny review,
    because the reasons i like this game are almost the exact opposit.
    I think the Graphics are alright and as soon as you play the immersion is so great that it doesn’t matter.
    After not playing pinball games for almost 4 years(got an overdose fatigue by playing pinball arcade against the big guys for alltime highscores)
    my joy came back,because it is real fun.

    The downside-these Zen Pinball tables are executed poorly.
    Too many needless flaws,to badly balanced,
    either too easy or too unfair.
    The only 8 out of 10 pinball table is the Zombie-one(though i don’t like the series)
    the others are either unfair(western)where you can loose balls every 5 seconds even if you play good,
    or totally dumb(earth defense,where you can not play properly with the upper flippers as the lane is hidden to the left with a UFO and to the right with a skyscraper with no reason)
    or too easy like mars where i reached no1 score with the second try and was happy when the game((i guess others felt asleep while playing and therefore reaching the top is a non-achievement)

    Than you cannot disable the ‘sorround-grafics’-
    it is not possible to turn the zombie or the western girl of and you have to deal with them.

    Those tables need some polish-
    it is no good to loose everytime a ball when you play a fast ball perfectly(like in the walking dead when you use the right upper flipper and hit the lane the ball will go straight through the middle)
    As Zen pinball tables are not restricted to reality(like pinball arcade tables)
    it should be easy to patch the unfair things and the too easy things.

    From an immersive point of view this game is 9 out of 10 as 2 hours will pass as fast as 5 minutes,
    for ambitious players it can be frustrating in both ways.
    Too easy+ so unfair that a good game can be destroyed within seconds.
    (+me thinks the mars pinball has some kind of autoaim,
    as it is almost impossible to hit an edge on the right side.
    Hitting the edge is usually much more easy than to hit the lane ,but in Mars it is almost impossible to miss the right lanes when playing with the left flipper,but on the other hand almost impossible to hit the target that placed on this edge)


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