Lethal VR

Lethal VR
Developer: Three Fields Entertainment
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £11.99 ($14.99)
Nausea: None/Limited
Controllers: Two Move Controllers Required
Game Length: One Hour

Since Playstation VR launched a few short months ago we’ve had our fair share of brilliant games, a collection of average-to-good games and thus far only a few stinkers. Lethal VR is definitely one of the latter.

Lethal VR is from the same developers who brought us the hilariously entertaining Dangerous Golf – a game in which the player hurtles golf balls around various locales trying to destroy as much of their surroundings as possible. I had high hopes for Lethal VR but unfortunately the same seal of quality from their previous title is nowhere to be found.

For starters it took me several minutes to work out how to get into the main menu. I loaded the game to find it instructing me to shoot the screen. Before me I saw a red gun pointing at the floor that refused to move no matter how much I moved the DS4 around. I tried turning on a Move controller. Still, nothing happened. I quit the game and relaunched, thinking that perhaps the Move controller had to be on before launching the game. But no, still nothing. I then turned on the second Move controller and voila! The gun turned a normal metallic colour and I could move on. I find it very strange that the second Move controller you switch on becomes the main one, but there you have it.

The gameplay here is basic and repetitive. Using an array of guns and weapons, from a handgun and knives, to an SMG and throwing stars, you attempt to hit targets, vases and villains whilst evading the good guys, like policemen and an old woman. In some levels you get to use two guns at once, which is admittedly fun. But the fun doesn’t last as the levels are generally over in about thirty seconds and it takes a similar amount of time to get into the next level.

The tracking on the gunplay is average at best and no where near the heights of Pixel Gear, but the throwing weapons are absolutely atrocious. They rarely go where you want, making later levels difficult for all the wrong reasons, and throwing to the sides is almost impossible.

Don’t shoot the old lady! Save the bullet for yourself.

There are several modes of difficulty with the harder ones being unlocked as you complete the ones before. The easy levels are insultingly easy, even with the terrible tracking. Just as the game is about to get challenging, it ends. I completed the game and unlocked all of the trophies in under an hour.

The graphics aren’t great; it’s one of the uglier PSVR titles. This combined with the guns jumping around in front of your face due to poor tracking makes it quite an unwelcome experience. There is a complete lack of music in the game which is off-putting, especially combined with the overly loud gunshot sounds. There is also a continuous crackle of distortion which adds to the overall sloppy feel of Lethal VR. For all of its visual and audio issues the immersion factor is okay but with all of the other issues you can’t really call it a selling point.

If the game was a couple of quid then I’d say there’d be no harm in trying it, but as it stands this game is worth nowhere near the asking price. Maybe with more time in development, or a free patch to improve the tracking, Lethal VR could be a good title. I must also stress that any developer looking to incorporate gunplay must check out Pixel Gear – if your tracking does not match that title, do not release it.

Verdict: 3/10 – Over in under a hour, which is just as well. 



2 thoughts on “Lethal VR

  1. I respect your opinion but your experience with the game is really different than my own. I’m having a blast with this game! The tracking is way off? You may have to calibrate your PSVR as I only had like 3 moments where the guns turned red and moved around a bit because the move controllers were hidden from the camera. As for your confusion in the menus, I think it was pretty straighforward. It took me no time to figure out that if I had the gun in my hands in the menu, all I had to do was shoot my way through the menu.

    The knife tracking though I have to admit that is way off. Hope they fix it in a future update. Even when you’re not moving you can see the knife trembling.

    But the gunplay is amazing and incrdeibly accurate. Shooting with two guns make you feel like a badass. Now I’ll be spending time with is trying to each time do better and better.

    I really recommend this title for someone who likes to shoot stuff!


    1. I went straight from this to Fruit Ninja VR, where the tracking was perfect. Looking around the Internet people do seem to be having wildly different reactions when it comes to the tracking. Guess I was unlucky!


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